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About Us
Hanson Computer Service is dedicated to keeping your computer free from all forms of malware (viruses, worms, trojans, spyware, adware, etc.). Our aim is to make your computer perform up to its potential, making you more productive and your computer sessions more enjoyable.

Its founder, Collin Hanson. has more than 40 years of computer experience. If you are having a problem with your PC, HCS can most likely fix it - and fix it fast. 

  "We make sick computers feel better."

Company History
Established in 1981, C3 Computing has serviced the Northern California area for over 35 years. In 2004, we changed our company name to Hanson Computer Service to better reflect our mission.
In 2006, we installed HCS Remote Assist, a tool to service computers remotely over the internet. This has greatly enhanced HCS's ability to service more computers in less time, and at less cost to our clients.
HCS continues to use the latest technology to meet the demand for computer service and training.

Customer Testimonials
"I am sending this through my laptop! Thanks for your help...  I am up and running." - Mody from Yuba City, CA

"Thank you so much. My e-mail is working fine." - Viola from Roseville, CA

"Thanks so much! Computer going very fast." - Janice from Idaho

"You saved all my emails. Thank you so much." - Renee from Las Vegas
Hanson Computer Service